The monstrously fun math game for kids!

Adsumudi is an award-winning math game for kids (and their grownups) that makes practicing math facts fun.

Your task is simple: Find a way to make Adsumudi's answer (the number in the center of each card) by using the other numbers on the card and any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

To make Adsumudi's answer, you can use any two numbers (that’s easy mode), three numbers (medium mode), four numbers (getting harder!), or for true math masters, you can use all five numbers (we call that monstrously hard mode).

Each card can be played at different levels simultaneously or gradually. Work together to solve each level as you go, from easy mode all the way up to monstrously hard. Or for a little family-friendly competition, let kids of different ages play at their own level within the same game.

For example: Your 3rd grader might play on easy or medium mode, while your 6th grader plays on hard or monstrously hard mode. Whoever finds the answer on their respective play level first wins the card. Perfect for a family game night!

There are four different versions of Adsumudi to choose from, depending on players' math abilities and mood. Adsumudi classic (the original) is always a good place to start. Adsumudi Fun Ones is both accessible to younger children (ages 6+) and a fun, fast-paced game for older ones. For budding mathematicians, Adsumudi Little Ones is designed for children as young as 4 to join in the fun. Or if you're looking for a wider array of math practice, Adsumudi Wild Ones incorporates fractions, decimals, big numbers, and even money!

Made by Evermade and winner of the Academic's Choice Award, Adsumudi has become a fast favorite among parents and math teachers alike. We extensively test our math games for kids to make sure they are ideal for classroom play, homeschool, and family game nights.

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